Request road repairs through city public works site

The City of Houston Public Works department has scheduled road repairs on the concrete on parts of Ashlock Drive to correct drainage problems. The work will be completed before the end of July.

The repairs were scheduled following a request made by a resident to the city’s 311 service request site. The directory for service requests is located at The resident reported accumulated water and mosquitos after heavy rains, and the lower grade in front of the houses that prevented the water from draining properly. A city inspector responded after 5 days and said the repairs would be made.

Other residents who are noticing similar problems should consider following the same steps to see if the issues will be resolved. Clicking on “Water Standing on Street, Will Not Drain” under “Drainage” opens an email form that can be filled out to identify the specific location and details. Include information such as the presence of mosquitos breeding in the standing water.

The city has 60 business days to respond to the request for an inspection, but in many cases the response time will be shorter. It may be a good idea to report the problem after a heavy rain, when the situation will be easily visible.

For other issues with the road surface, you may request a street assessment by emailing The city must respond to an assessment request within 10 business days. Be sure to include the specific location and information about the problem.

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