Ashton Village HOA

The Ashton Village Homeowners Association (AVHOA) is made up of members who own property in the Ashton Village Subdivision as it is defined in the AVHOA Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (DCC&R’s). The SCOA is a duly constituted non profit corporation organized under the Texas Non Profit Corporation Act. The SCOA is a mandatory Owners Association that will own, operate and maintain common areas and the SCOA amenities.

The Association is run by a duly elected Board of Directors (currently 5 positions). The Board will be a catalyst for the generation, enhancement and preservation of a sense of community here in Ashton Village. The Board will facilitate the above by creating, guiding and coordinating several Committees. Facilitated events and Committees will provide opportunities for any members to become involved in the community.

The Board will also maintain the integrity of the community by enforcing the DCC&R’s, By-laws, rules and ACC Guidelines in conjunction with the Architectural Control Committee(ACC). The Board of Directors is responsible for preparing, reviewing and approving the annual budget for the community. The Board has secured the services of VanMor Properties to oversee the day-to-day operations of the community. Amanda Putman is our Property Manager and if you have any problems or questions please call her at 832-593-7300 (office) or email to