October lawn care tips

From Houston Lawn Care and Landscaping Services:

  • Trim shrubs and hedges to maintain their shape and appearance.
  • Plant available seasonal color that will tolerate mild heat until cool season flowers become available. Special note: Bulbs of many varieties become available in November. Plant them the day after Thanksgiving for a splash of color and amazement during January and February.
  • Decorate your garden’s appearance with pumpkins and other items that have a fall season motif.
  • Leaf maintenance season is just around the corner. Roofs and gutters will need to be maintained every 4-6 weeks through January. Remember to clear out the gutter downspouts with a garden hose!
  • Irrigation can be reduced to every other day.
  • Mowing of the lawn can be changed to bi-weekly and the blade lowered to 3 inches. It is best to collect the leaves with a gas-powered blower and bagging them before mowing. These can be disposed of or composted for your vegetable garden. If you have lots of beautiful, fresh pine needles, these are awesome for insulating azalea plants at their base.
  • Check on the progress of your vegetable garden to ensure what plants are going to be a good choice for the next season. Take notes of your findings for future reference. Educate yourself on the insects and bacteria that will affect your success in producing bountiful yields from your plantings.
  • Important Flower Purchasing Tip: Visit a local plant nursery and order and pay for your cool season flowers ahead of time. This will ensure that the nursery does not experience a run on their deliveries and you are left without your planting material. Some commercial nurseries sell to the public. They are the ones with better nursery stock.

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