Notice of January Board of Director Meeting

This shall serve as notice of the Board of Directors meeting, date, time and location shown above.

1. Call Meeting to Order 

2. Approval of Minutes – Annual Meeting of Members and Board of Directors Meeting held on October 17, 2019 

3. Open Homeowner Discussion – This section is intended to provide members an opportunity to give input to the Board of Directors. The Board will take any input under advisement but may not respond immediately as they proceed with the planned business of the Association. The Board reserves the right to limit this section of the meeting to a time they believe is appropriate. 

4. Committee Reports 

a. Swim Team – 2020 Calendar 

5. Manager’s Report 

6. Unfinished Business 

a. Clubhouse Renovations

b. Playground

c. Proposal from Lone Star Pools

d. Proposal from Empire Electric 

7. Executive Session 

a. Collections – Review delinquent accounts and approve suspending an owner’s rights to use the amenities, turning delinquent accounts over to the attorney to pursue collection, including, but not limited to, filing an Application Seeking an Expedited Order for Foreclosure, posting for foreclosure, and proceeding with foreclosure sale if the homeowners fail to request a payment agreement, request a hearing or make full payment 30 days following the 209 collection demand letter which will be sent out in March 2020.

b. Deed Restriction Violation Matters c. Request to Remove Legal Fees 

8. Reconvene to Open Session and vote on matters discussed in Executive Session. 

9. Set Next Meeting: Annual Meeting of Members, April 21, 2020 

10. Adjournment