Just a reminder: Pool Rules

Pool rules have been approved for the benefit of all homeowners. Residents are expected to follow the rules, or they may lose their privileges.

Some of the rules include:

  • You must use your access card to enter the pool area.  DO OPEN THE GATE FOR ANYONE WITHOUT AN ACCESS CARD.
  • The gates must be kept closed at all times.  DO NOT PROP OPEN THE GATES.
  • Anyone not toilet-trained (incontinent) who wishes to enter any pool must wear a clean diaper or disposable swim diaper covered by separate rubber/vinyl pants, all of which must fit snugly around the legs and waist.
  • All AVHOA assessments must be current.
  • All patrons within the pool area must be attired in swimming apparel. No street shoes or clothing allowed on decks. The swimming pool and decks must be maintained in a sanitary manner for the protection of bathers.
  • Children under 16 entering the pool complex must be accompanied and cared for (at poolside) by a responsible person 18 years old or older in bathing suit attire. Children under 6 need to have a responsible person in the water with them.
  • Glass containers, alcoholic beverages, drugs and pets are not permitted in the pool complex. An exception will be made for a seeing-eye dog for the visually impaired.
  • A group of children (6 or more, 6-17 years of age) entering the pool must be directly supervised at poolside by an adult in swim attire. There must be one adult for every five children.

For the full list of rules, please read the “Pool” page.