Pool Opening – May 8, 2020

Howdy Friends and Neighbors, 

I hope you, your families, and friends are all still remaining safe and well.  I wanted to share some good news! We have clearance from the city to reopen the pool, although, under stricter guidelines than normal. The main point is here we would like for everyone to be safe and to have an enjoyable time.

CITY OF HOUSTON guidelines for community pools:

  • Social distance orders should be observed at all times
  • Use caution when using the restroom facilities. Taking showers and changing in the facilities should be avoided. Social distancing/wearing face masks, again, should be observed.
  • While out on the pool deck, chairs should be spaced more than 6 feet apart. Families may have small groups. Social distancing/wearing face masks, again, should be observed.  
  • We would ask that you limit the use at this time to residents and immediate family only until further notice. Parties cannot be approved at this time.
  • While there is no evidence that the virus can be transmitted in water, it is important to remember that you will be close to others in the pool and that sneezing or coughing can be amplified by the water surface.

Folks, I can’t impress upon you enough the importance that we self-regulate this situation. On nice weekends the pool can become quite crowded. If you come to the pool and you find that it is crowded to the point that social separation will be challenging, we ask that you make a judgment to come back at another time.

The City of Houston and Harris County reserve the right to shut the pool down if they feel we are not adhering to these guidelines, which is something that we certainly want to avoid. I’m confident that we can all figure out the right way to move this forward so that we can start to enjoy a little bit of summer.

Thanks again for your cooperation and understanding.
I hope you have a great weekend! Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms!

Best regards,

Paul Coleman
AVHOA President

* Key cards must be used to enter the pool

** If you have not yet returned your Pool Liability Waiver to VanMor, you will need to do so in order for your key card to be activated. Waivers can be emailed to kim@vanmor.com.